Senior Relocation

Changing Places offers a complete range of senior relocation services designed to make your move as easy as stress free as possible. Planning, organizing and managing — we handle all aspects of the moving process.

Preparing for Your Move

We help you prepare for your upcoming move every step of the way:

  • Planning

    • Consultation to discuss and access your personal wants and needs
    • Develop a moving plan that best fits your situation.
    • Formulate a move timeline, including a checklist of tasks that need to be completed
    • Review floor plans of the new residence to determine where to place furniture and other household objects.
  • Organizing

    • Interview and hire dependable movers.
    • Coordinate with family members, doctors and other caregivers.
    • Help you inventory all your possessions
    • Downsizing — we’ll help you decide which items to keep, sell or donate based on your new residence
    • Estate Management — we work with reputable dealers and appraisers to get you the best deals
    • Work with dependable moving companies to arrange a move time that works for you
    • Coordinate the move at both the old and new residence
    • Professionally and securely pack items so that none of your belonging are lost or damaged during the move
    • Arrange for the shipping & storage of non-move Items

Moving into Your New Residence

We have the experience and know how to handle all aspects of the moving process:

  • During Your Move

    • Final clean up and waste disposal at old residence
    • Coordinate with movers to insure move goes smoothly and on schedule
    • Supervise the unpacking of your belongings at the new residence; review list to make sure all the items have made it to the new location
    • Make sure any special needs have been addressed
    • Arrange, set-up and connect furniture, electronics and other appliances
    • Assist with decorating — hang pictures, display keepsakes, etc.
    • Dispose of all moving materials, such as boxes and packing materials
  • After Your Move

    • Purchase any furniture, groceries and other household items that may be required
    • Dispose of unwanted boxes and other materials used during the move
    • Arrange lodgings for out of town visitors
    • We’ll be available to resolve any problems you might encounter at your new residence

We also provide many special services including short notice/emergency move management.

Senior Downsizing & Estate Liquidation

The senior move managers at Changing Places are experts in coordinating and managing all aspects of downsizing and estate liquidation. Deciding what to do with a lifetime of acquired possessions is sometimes the most challenging part of a senior move. We work closely with seniors, their families, realtors, attorneys, wealth managers and trustees, handling the downsizing or estate liquidation every step of the way from initial consultation and inventory to start to finish.

Often times the estate liquidation takes place during an emotionally difficult time. Many items have personal as well as monetary value. Changing Places offers helpful, objective advice to assist seniors and their families while they make the hard decisions about what they want to keep, who gets it and what they want or need to let go of.

Houston Senior Estate Management Services

Changing Places Houston senior downsizing and other estate management services include:

  • Referrals to Estate Sales and Auction specialists
  • Inventory services
  • Storage arrangements
  • Donations to museums, charitable organizations and other institutions
  • Professional Appraisal Services
  • On Site Consultations
  • Packing and Shipping

Trash removal, disposal and cleaning services are available as well.

We Liquidate Items Not Making the Move

Our clients make the final decision as to what to do with unsold items. Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, you can depend on us to liquidate all the items not making the move:

  • Ship to loved ones
  • Resale and contingency outlets
  • Donations

We Can Help You Get Rid of Just About Anything

Some of the items we can help you liquidate include:

  • Automobiles
  • Books, manuscripts, newspapers, magazines and comic Books
  • Rugs, tapestries and carpets
  • Ceramics and Textiles
  • Clocks and Watches
  • Collectable coins and paper currency
  • Clothing
  • Craft items
  • Appliances
  • Firearms
  • Artwork - prints, paintings, sculpture, etc.
  • Computers, televisions and other electronics
  • Silverware, cookware and other kitchen utensils
  • Furniture – modern or antique
  • Pets
  • Jewelry
  • Glass
  • Medals and other military items
  • Silver, gold and other precious metals
  • Memorabilia

We will work hard to get you the most for your unneeded items. Depending on your wishes, any unsold items can be discarded or donated to charity to help assist the less fortunate.

Houston Senior Move Managers Save Time & Reduce Stress

Letting Changing Places handle your downsizing and estate liquidation can save you time, alleviate stress and make you money. We’re experts when it comes to helping seniors in Houston and surrounding communities make a smooth and worry free transition to their new residences.

If you are a senior planning a move and need help downsizing, give Changing Places a call at 713.305.9454 or contact us online for a consultation.

Outstanding Houston Senior Moving Specialists

At Changing Places we understand the emotional and physical challenges associated with moving from one residence to another. We’re dedicated to making your transition as painless a process as possible.

Contact Changing Places for a free consultation. We work closely with seniors and their families to develop a moving plan that’s addresses their individual needs and budget. We provide outstanding senior services to seniors living in Houston, TX and surrounding communities, including Sugar Land, the Woodlands, Pearland, Clear Lake and Galveston.